In response to Amtrak's Policy change of March 28 2018

The National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) would like to work with Amtrak to develop a program that will allow the continued operation of private passenger rail car trips and excursions that would be acceptable and make a fair profit to Amtrak. Many NRHS chapters have run trips and excursions with Amtrak since the beginning of the founding of Amtrak.  Many chapters have made major investments in keeping their passenger cars up to current Amtrak standards and have successfully run trips for the general public promoting rail passenger operations.  The NRHS is dedicated to preserving railroad history and giving the general public rides not only accomplishes that but shows that our partner, Amtrak, is needed in this day and age. NRHS chapters operate historic equipment and help preserve the equipment for future generations.  We need to run this equipment, and keep it up to all Amtrak safety standards and understand that. Al Weber - President National Railway Historical Society