Letter to NRHS members;  

This week we are receiving the CDC’s latest guidelines, which restrict events of more than 50 people for a matter of weeks. We are supportive of this decision as the health and safety of our members is our highest priority. The situation is fluid. It evolves by the hour, and unfortunately we don’t have a date we can circle on the calendar for when this restriction(s) will be over.  

We know that we will share updates regarding plans for the 2020 convention in the days and weeks ahead, and we will share news as it becomes available. We expect the next convention update will be sent out on or about April 8, 2020.  

NRHS has a variety of contingency plans, and we will remain flexible with the hope of resuming normal operations and get the convention events nailed down as soon as possible.  

Below, is a list of topics we anticipate our NRHS members and convention attendees have questions about, along with what we know at this time.  

The Southern California Convention: NRHS continues to monitor the situation, but has not made a decision to delay or cancel the event at this time.  Some of the events may have to be changed but at this time we do not anticipate that. We are looking at moving the convention to later dates in the summer.  

Convention Ticketing Questions: We are working through our approach to handling ticket issues, and we will communicate details to attendees as we get closer to the convention dates. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.  

Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines: We hope and want our members stay educated on how to prevent exposure and transmission of the Coronavirus. Check the CDC’s website about ways to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones.  

In closing, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of the NRHS and preserving railroad history as we work through this unprecedented situation.  I can’t wait for the moment when things get back to normal and we can all get together.  

Stay safe, and we will be in touch.

Sincerely,   Al Weber President NRHS

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