Renew Your Membership

There are three ways to renew your membership: renew online, by mail or for a very limited number of chapters, through your chapter.

RENEW Your Membership HERE

This link will take you to the log-in page; fill in your e-mail address in the box. You will have to create a new password. Click the “Forgot Password” link and create a password for your account.

Log into the account and you will be offered the options of UPDATING YOUR INFORMATION or RENEWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Just click on renew your membership and then follow the prompts to use your credit card to renew.

If the system doesn’t recognize and accept your entry it may be because there is an error in how the address was entered – or you may have changed addresses and forgotten to tell us.  In either case please e-mail Patti Webb giving your name, street address and membership number. Patti Webb will get your e-mail address into your account and then notify you that it has been done.  You can then go ahead and follow the rest of these instructions.

2) Renew by Mail:

The same as last year, the dues invoice is on the reverse side of the membership renewal letter. Just write a check for the amount of your dues, verify and update the information on the return portion of the invoice and put both it and the check in an envelope, add a stamp and mail.  You can include a donation amount in the check. If you specify on the return where it is to be applied we’ll do that, otherwise it will go to the General Fund. Other dedicated funds are Heritage Grants, Film Preservation and RailCamp.

Mail your check and dues invoice to:

National Railway Historical Society, PO Box 31074, St. Louis MO  63131-0074

Please note: this address has been updated from last year.

Your check should be made out to “National Railway Historical Society”. Please combine all Member, Family, and Student memberships on one check and envelope.

3) Renew through your Chapter:

A very few Chapters are continuing to accept National Dues as well as Chapter Dues and are then forwarding the National Dues. Please check with your chapter.

We have the same national renewal rates for 2023 as we had in 2017.

Regular Membership: $50.

Family Membership: $7. Must have one Regular Membership in family.

Student Member: $16. Must be ages 13-24.

To make a donation to the NRHS General Fund or a specific program:

You are encouraged to donate to the NRHS. Donations made with the same payment as your online membership renewal will go into the General Fund. If you want to make a donation to a specific program, please click on the links provided below.

Link to donate directly to the Film Preservation Program, NRHS’s General Fund, the Heritage Grants Program and/or to RailCamp.