October 2014 NRHS National Newsletter

NRHS Members:

First, I want to thank all our board members leaving the board. Greg Molloy (President/District 6), Patrick Molloy (District 5), Claude Doane (District 7) and Robert Neman (District B). All have worked tirelessly for the good of the NRHS over many many years. I say “Thank You” on behalf of all members of the NRHS.

Our new 2015/2016 board will be seated at the Fall Conference held this year in Johnson City, TN, on November 15, 2014. As always, please give them your comments, ideas and support. Along with the Advisory Council, they are your way of getting your input into the organization.

The New Business Model that was presented at the special board meeting in September was defeated. It has many items that your board will consider implementing over the next several years. We appreciate the New Business Model committee for their time and effort in putting this plan together, even though it did not pass, many gains for the society will come from it.

The 2015 NRHS Convention in Rutland, VT, is up and running. The events will provide an excellent view and experiences of the railroad rich area between Burlington to Rutland to North Walpole to North Creek. We will be riding on many different historical railroads and visiting very interesting sites. Hotel space is also starting to be reserved. Info on the hotel package is also on the web site. You can order your tickets now on our web site > Please do so as some of the events and trips are selling fast and I would not want you to miss out.

The NRHS NEWS will be coming out in the future as an electronic document like the NRHS TELEGRAPH is now. This will allow more content and much more current content. The next issue is to be released soon.

Your officers are discussing whether to continue publishing the Bulletin. After reviewing the financial situation, the board will decide how many issues will be produced annually and how it will be delivered to members. We also want to bring back the Annual Activities issue but on the WEB so it can be accessed at anytime and updated quickly.

We need volunteers for RailCamp! This is one of the NRHS key programs and has been very successful over the years. The time spent is very rewarding and advances our commitment to education of railroads and rail history to young students. I have been involved for the last few years on the committee. We have members that are doing the administrative tasks and will continue but we need new volunteers to help as camp counselors and other tasks. Please consider this opportunity to assist the society by volunteering and making a difference in a young person’s life.

We are also need volunteers for the Historic Grants committee. I have had a few volunteer so far but we need a few more. This work is again one of the key parts of the NRHS. Volunteers on the committee review the applications and make the grants. What could be a better job than doing that for railway history preservation.

Al Weber 2015/2016 NRHS President