NRHS Bulletin: 86 Years of In Depth Coverage of Rail Preservation

Unlike commercial publications that have to squeeze out content to make room for advertising, the NRHS Bulletin is 40-44 pages of full color, ad-free content for railfans and preservationists alike. Because we understand our readers, Editor Jeffrey Smith brings them what they want: plenty of railroad history and subjects that are off the main line, covered to a depth that no commercial magazine can do.

Where else can you find an entire issue on railroad photography, packed with train pictures, techniques, famous photographers and even an early shot of a steam locomotive circa 1905, or a comprehensive look at “Tehachapi in the 21st Century” or detailed features on locomotives like the FL9 and the EMD SW1? Whether you’re into rail preservation or you’re just a railfan, the NRHS Bulletin has something you’re going to love.

Contributions are welcome, however, it is best to contact the editor prior to sending in original photographs and other materials. Please see the following documents for information on submitting material to the NRHS Bulletin:

Back issues are $8 per issue including shipping. Contact for availability and payment instructions. Links to PDFs containing an index of the National Railway Bulletin (1936 – 1985) and the NRHS Bulletin (1986 – 2006) are below.

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