Dues pay for some of the things that NRHS does: the Bulletin, the NRHS News, the administrative work of supporting chapters, and organizing the activities that our members have come to enjoy such as the conventions and RailCamp. However when these are paid for, there is little left over. That is why we ask for those of you who have the means to provide us with additional support to carry forward the important and unique work of NRHS. Below are the major programs that need additional resources to expand their scope, service, and usefulness.

Preservation is one of the primary goals of NRHS. Through our Railway Heritage Grant Program, we help chapters and other historic organizations conserve, preserve and restore artifacts that are integral to the history of railroading in the United States. We understand that there are many ways to portray railroad history, but there is nothing like being in the physical presence of an object to make history real.

For the past 20 years direct member support, above and beyond the annual dues, has allowed us to disburse nearly $500,000 in funding to over 200 vital preservation projects. These funds often leverage a cascade of beneficial activities: matching money from other entities, volunteer engagement with railroad history, and promotion of the value of railroading history.

Each year the amount requested consistently exceeds the amount we have available to disperse. With every passing year that restoration is deferred, the risk of losing another unique piece of history is more pressing.

NRHS has collections that need conservation and indexing as well. We hold a large film collection that is in danger of being lost if measures is not taken soon. Additionally, preservation cannot just mean holding assets. We have a commitment to make those materials accessible to researchers, historians, and the general public as well by making the collections more widely available online.

RailCamp is another unique program provided by NRHS. With over 500 alumni, this program is designed to engage young people in railroading by teaching the historic perspective and the current practices on America’s rails through hands-on experience.Currently we are able to serve 24 campers per season at Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and an additional 24 at our newest location, RailCamp Northwest in Tacoma, Washington. Additionally, NRHS provides scholarships so that the RailCamp experience can be enjoyed on the criteria of the applicant’s potential to use the skills taught in the RailCamp program rather than financial considerations.

You may direct your gift to any of these purposes, or you can just contribute to the general fund and leave it up to us to determine how best to apply your gift. Click on the “donate” button below to begin the process.

Would you like to make a larger gift, but can’t come up with a lump sum payment? Try installment giving. NRHS will automatically deduct a monthly amount you specify from your credit card via PayPal. This often allows individuals to be more generous because it spreads out her commitment over a longer period of time. To setup installment giving, use the form below. Remember, if you are able to give $90 annually, you are eligible for membership in our Roundhouse Society.

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*The NRHS is a 501c3 tax exempt organization and donations may be tax deductible in the USA. For administrative purpose all donations are received by NRHS Fund Inc. a 501c3 corporation EIN 46-5395491.